Award-Winning Quality Food


Winner Scottish Meat Award 1996 for Lamb Sausages with Apple Mint & Rosemary.
Highly Commended in the Scottish Master Burger Competition for Hawaiian Smokey Bacon with Pineapple Burger
3 Gold and One Silver Award at the Scottish Meat Trade Fair for Tam O'Shanters Treats, Hawaiian Twirls, Lamb Sausages with Apple Mint & Rosemary and Scotch Lamb En Croutes
Winner Scotch Lamb Product Development Competition with Sam the Lamb Caterpillar Runner-up Scotch Lamb Display Competition.

Scottish Enterprise Tayside - Innovation Prize for Best Small Business - Scotch Quality Lamb Twirls with Apple Mint & Rosemary
6 Gold Medals - Lamb Burger with Gooseberry and Mint which was also in the last 6 of the Scottish Master Burger Competition, Pork Cider Apple and Peach Burger, Honey Pork with Mustard and Ginger Sausages, Mars Mission Mini Mouthfuls, Lamb Apple Mint & Rosemary Twirls and Fruity Pork Picnic.
Highly Commended in the Pork Link Sausage Comp.
Winner Scottish Meat Award 1997 for Lamb Gooseberry & Mint Burgers
International Gold Medal at Slavatko, Holland for Lamb
Twirls & International Silver Medal for Lamb
Gooseberry & Mint Burgers

Gold Medal - Paradise Burger
Silver Medal - Tropical Burger, Cheese Burger Puff,
Lamb Gooseberry & Mint Delight
Highland Chieftain En Croutes

Gold Medal - British Meat Awards - Traditional Pork
Sausages and Lamb En Croutes
Diamond Award, SFMTA Meat Awards for Excellence - Millennium Bug.
Gold Awards - Pork Tenderloin with Hot Banana Stuffing,
Lamb Noisettes with Cherry Tomatoes, Pork Chive & Peach Burger, Millennium Burger - Pork Champagne & Fresh Orange
1999 SCOTTISH SAUSAGE MASTERS for traditional beef sausages

Gold Awards - Lamb Filo Surprises, Pork & Mango Plait. Lemon & Mustard Pork Fillet

Gold Award - Bacon & Peach Sausages, Traditional Pork
Sausages, Pork & Mango Sausages, Steak & Gravy Pies,
Dry-cured stuffed Bacon Roast, Pork Chive & Peach
Catherine Wheels

World Speciality Pie Champions (along with our baker,
Tower Bakery, Perth) - Lamb Apple Mint & Rosemary

2003 - Gold Award for Steak Pies in World Pie Championship

2004 - "Nation of Shopkeepers" Award

2005 - Scottish Sausage Champions t
Scottish Haggis Champions

2006 - Diamond Award Foodex Meatex/Gold Awards
Lamb Spicey but Nicey, Traditional Pork

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